Saturday 22 October 2016

ORA-16014: log sequence not archived, no available destinations

ORA-16014: log3 sequence# 1869 not archived, no available destinations

It is basically a storage related error which signifies the unavailability of the storage medium that is stopping the database from getting opened as the archival process is waiting to get the destination in order to archive that remaining log sequence.

In this case, there may be many reasons for this archival failures like,

- Network Failure (In case, the archiving is done on separate storage medium using network path)
- Disk/Tape failure (In case, if you have enabled archiving on a separate tape or disk and now the archival process is unable to find the destination)
- Storage Full (Maybe the storage destination that you are using is completely full and there is no space left for any further usage.)

Or more...

First of all, you'll have to find the exact source of the problem and then you can try to work on it and fix it.

In my case, it was only related to FRA (Flash Recovery Area) usage which was found to be completely full. So as I increased the size of my FRA and tried to open the database, it did.

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