Friday 20 January 2017

Increase your RAM Capacity using your Hard Disk

Increase your RAM Capacity using your Hard Disk

This trick is for those users who often suffers due to low configuration systems where they are not having enough amount of RAM or simply say memory to run their programs. In Windows, there is an option to use or turn your HDD or any other additional storage medium like pen-drive into a RAM Booster.

Frankly speaking, it does not increase your RAM but provides your system an extra memory space to perform its functions and run its processes, hence increasing your all over system performance. It's not a new trick and most of the people would be knowing this. But knowing and actually using this are two different things and I personally like to use it because it really helps my system to work faster as compared to how it is going to perform normally.

Please follow the below mentioned guidelines in order to make the trick work:
  1. Right Click on Computer and Select Properties.
  2. Click on Advance System Settings.
  3. In the Advance tab, Select Performance Settings.
  4. Then in Performance options, there is another Advance tab which will show you option with Virtual Memory. Click on Change.
  5. Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
  6. Then click on Custom Size and fill the Initial Size and Maximum Size options.
  7. Once you are done filling options, click on Set and then Ok.
The system will ask for Restart. Once you'll restart your system, the new changes will be applied and you will see the change in your system performance afterwards.

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