Monday 24 July 2017

Different Logs Locations in Oracle RAC Environment | Oracle Database

Different Logs Locations in Oracle RAC Environment | Oracle Database

In a single instance Oracle Database Environment (without ASM), it is easier to track different logs which helps you find information regarding different running processes, active or inactive sessions, active/inactive transactions, Start/Shutdown instances, errors or issues and a lot of more details. But in case of a Oracle RAC Environment, we have a lot of more Oracle Components in the Architecture which increases the workspace for a DBA and it gets trouble-full to memorize everything. In case of issues in Oracle RAC Environment, it gets very difficult as there are a number of running processes and threads which will be having their individual logs to shows their activity status. 

What I am providing you here is a little help to find out the logs easily if you know where you have to look for:

The Cluster Ready Services Daemon (crsd) Log Files

Log files for the CRSD process (crsd) can be found in the following directories:


Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) Log Files

The Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) records log information in the following location:


Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS) Log Files

You can find CSS information that the OCSSD generates in log files in the following locations:


Event Manager (EVM) Log Files

Event Manager (EVM) information generated by evmd is recorded in log files in the following locations:


RACG Log Files

The Oracle RAC high availability trace files are located in the following two locations:

CRS home/log/hostname/racg


Oracle Clusterware log files

Cluster Ready Services Daemon (crsd) Log Files:

Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS):

Event Manager (EVM) information generated by evmd:

Oracle RAC RACG:

Oracle RAC 11g Release 2 log files

Clusterware alert log:

Disk Monitor daemon:



Cluster Time Synchronization Service:

Grid Interprocess Communication daemon:

Oracle High Availability Services daemon:

Cluster Ready Services daemon:

Grid Plug and Play daemon:

Mulitcast Domain Name Service daemon:

Event Manager daemon:

RAC RACG (For use only if Oracle database version is prior 11.1):


Cluster Synchronization Service daemon:

Server Manager:

HA Service Daemon Agent:

HA Service Daemon CSS Agent:

HA Service Daemon ocssd Monitor Agent:

HA Service Daemon Oracle Root Agent:

CRS Daemon Oracle Agent:

CRS Daemon Oracle Root Agent:
 $GRID_HOME/log/<host> agent/crsd/orarootagent_root

Grid Naming Service daemon:

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