Friday 20 April 2018

Installation of Oracle Linux 7.5 on VirtualBox - Installation Guide

Installation of Oracle Linux 7.5 via Virtual Box on Windows 64-bit

Step by step instructions to install Oracle Linux 7.5 with the help of Virtual Box on Windows 64-bit machine.

Installation of Oracle Linux 7.5 on Virtual Box

Before going ahead with installation, please make sure you have enough resources like memory (RAM), CPU power and Storage (Hard Disk) available on you PC/Laptop. This installation will require you to download 2 essential software. The first thing you'll need to install is the Virtual Box. Please find below the link to download the latest Virtual Box Version:

And the second is the ISO image for Oracle Linux 7.5 OS which you can simply download from Oracle Website. You'll need to have an Oracle account in order to accomplish that.

If you have fulfilled the above mentioned prerequisites, then you can follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Select the option for creating a new Virtual machine and the below mentioned window will appear. Give your VM a valid name and select proper type and version.


2. Select the memory you want to provide to your virtual machine. No need to take a stress on that. Just give it around 1G to enable to OS installation. Since it's a VM, you can alter the memory requirement later depending upon your need.


3. The next option asks for Hard disk option. Select as per your choice.

4. Select the Hard Disk file type as per your choice.

5. Select the type of physical storage you want. Select between dynamic allocation or One time fixed allocation.

6. Select the location where you want to store the physical files for your VM. Also provide the appropriate size to be used for the same. Once done, click on Create Button.

7. As I had selected One time fixed allocation, it is now creating and formatting the 40GB Hard disk to be used for the VM. Fixed allocation is provided to avoid Virtual Machine hang issues

8. Once the disk is created and formatted, the below mentioned screen will appear. Again double click on the created VM.

9. Choose the ISO image for Oracle Linux 7.5 from which you are going to install the OS.

10. Pres Enter and Proceed.

11. Here it will perform the Media Check before installing the OS. Let it complete and it will proceed.

12. Select the language you are comfortable with and Continue.

13. Installation Summary provides you options to configure different things. Let's configure all of them one by one. 

14. Configuring Network and Hostname for the VM.

15. Configuring Installation Destination. If you are already familiar with Linux, you can go for advanced options like manually configuring your partition as per your need. Choice your option and continue. 

16. Configure your Date and Time as per your Location

17. Software Selection screen gives you the options to install packages and configure your OS like the way you want it to work and the functionalities you want to install your OS with. Make sure you are clear with your requirement because it'll be convenient if you choose the packages here or it'll be difficult to manually install them later.

18. At this point my installation has begun. Make sure you set the password for Root in the mean time. Also there's an option to create another user if you want or you can simply ignore that option.

19. Once done, it'll ask for Reboot. Click on the same.

20. Now there's only one thing left and that's Licensing Terms and conditions. Without agreeing to the same, it won't allow you to use the OS. Get rid of the formalities.

21. Here comes your login screen for the Oracle Linux 7.5. After login, there will be a few options that the OS will provide to you to have your OS configured like the way you want.

22. And here you have your desktop. At this point you have successfully installed you Oracle Linux 7 as a VM using Virtual Box.

I hope this article helps !!

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