Monday 13 August 2018

Export Import Google Chrome Bookmarks from One System to Another

How to Copy Chrome Bookmarks from One system to Another? With Demo

A guide to demonstrate how to copy your Google Chrome Bookmarks from one system to another? OR A Guide to show you how to Export Google Chrome Bookmarks from One System and Import the same to another?

Bookmarks are very helpful to keep safe record of any important web page that's contains some piece of information which you think you'll need to revisit again and again (at least for once). That information can be some sort of article, any item that you want to purchase, any blog you want to follow or many other options but they help in sorting things and saving your search query time. 

The idea of putting this article came to me when actually I needed to do the same for my own use. I am having like hundreds of bookmarks on my Office's Desktop in which I have saved different types of links for different types of contents and now I am copying these bookmarks to my personal laptop. So here's how I have done this,

1) Open Google Chrome and Enter the below mentioned URL in the Address Bar,


OR you can go to Right-Top Options > Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager

Click on the Image to zoom it

2) Then in Bookmark Manager Page, again go to Right_Top Options where you'll have the options of Exporting or Importing Bookmarks

3) Save your Exported HTML file and again use the same to IMPORT on separate system.

I hope this helps !!

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