Friday 10 April 2015

About Oracle

About Oracle

Who hasn't ever heard the name of ORACLE?

Oracle, undoubtedly, is the leader in Database Software from the last three and a half decades. From typical hardware support to innovative software technology, it has been everywhere. And as the time's been running, it has further and further developed technologies and acquired best-in-class companies over the years, that leadership has expanded to the entire technology stack, from servers and storage, to database and middle-ware, through applications and into the cloud.

The Story of Oracle started with Larry Ellison when he saw an opportunity which no other company was able to see at that time i.e. a description of a working prototype for a relational database. No company had committed to commercialising the technology, but Ellison and co-founders Bob Miner and Ed Oates realised the tremendous business potential of the relational database model. They didn't knew at that time that what they are building up would be the future of business industry.

Throughout its history Oracle has proved it can build for the future on the foundation of its innovations and its knowledge of customer challenges and successes analyzed by the best technical and business minds in the world.

What does Oracle have in store for tomorrow? We will continue to provide our customers with hardware and software engineered to work together—integrated from disk to applications─that meet their business needs and solve their business problems. And we will continue to innovate and to lead the industry, while always making sure that we focus on solving the problems of the customers who rely on our technology.

Below is the list of some main products that are offered by Oracle:
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Mobile
  • Applications
  • Customer Experience
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Human Capital Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Industry Applications
  • Oracle Modern Best Practice
  • Applications Product Lines
  • Database
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database In-Memory
  • Oracle Multitenant
  • Real Application Clusters
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database High Availability
  • Database Security
  • MySQL
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • TimesTen In-Memory Database
  • Java
  • Developer Tools
  • Operating Systems
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle Linux
  • Business Analytics Middleware
  • Cloud Application Foundation
  • Data Integration
  • Identity Management
  • Mobile Platform
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • WebCenter
  • WebLogic
  • Enterprise Management
  • Cloud Management
  • Application Management
  • Database Management
  • Middleware Management
  • Hardware and Virtualization Management
  • Heterogeneous Management
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Engineered Systems
  • Big Data Appliance
  • Exadata Database Machine
  • Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Exalytics In-Memory Machine
  • Database Appliance
  • Oracle Super Cluster
  • Virtual Compute Appliance
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System
  • Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
  • Servers
  • x86
  • Blade
  • Netra
  • Storage and Tape
  • SAN Storage
  • NAS Storage
  • Tape Storage
  • Networking and Data Center Fabric Products
  • Enterprise Communications
  • Virtualization
  • Advanced Customer Support
  • Training
  • Cloud Services

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