Monday 20 April 2015

Oracle Database Administrator

All About an Oracle DBA

An Oracle DBA or majorly known as Oracle Database Administrator is the main soul of an Oracle database. Or simply, A DBA is a person who controls the database operations and secures the information residing inside the database server. It's his/her duty to keep an eye on each and every single activity that is happening inside the database. A DBA monitors each and every stat and prepares a report on the basis of performance. After that he/she alters the database server by taking some important steps which may optimize the database performance. But the ultimate task is to make sure that the server remains alive.

A Database must run for 24/7 without any glitch

There are a lot of tasks that an Oracle DBA performs which requires continuous reading and deep knowledge of Oracle Database. It take years to become a real DBA. Although the journey of the career begins from basic tasks (like taking cold backups and monitoring alert logs & trace files). But when you go to higher level, major tasks come by (like migrating database from one server to another, upgrading database server or making clones, implementing Oracle RAC etc).

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