Monday 27 April 2015

What DBA should know apart from Database Server?

What an Oracle DBA Should know apart from Oracle database Server? What are the skills that help a DBA in his/her career growth?

Yes, an Oracle DBA should have complete knowledge about the Oracle Database Server. This is what he/she is expected to do. But before consuming the knowledge of databases, a DBA must know the Operating System. 

       An Operating System is a interface which enables the user to communicate with the computer. Or you can say, a medium through which user operates computer is called an Operating System. Now in the current world, there are a lot of Operating Systems like MS-Windows, Linux, Unix, Sun Solaris etc etc. Different OS (Operating Systems) use different set of commands and working procedure. Although the main goal is same but the method to achieve that goal is different.

Why should a DBA know all of this?

It's not always possible that what you have learnt is what you are going to implement.

Suppose you are going to learn to operate Oracle Database Server on Windows only. Why? Because you are familiar with Windows and you won't be having any problem in performing different operations on it. 

What if you'll be given Linux or Sun Solaris Server while you go into some company as a DBA? This can cost you your job. Or might not get an entrance until and unless you are prepared. 

What is it going to take to prepare for that?

Nothing much !! All it's going to take is a little more practice and a little more efforts to learn these Operating Systems too. Better learn them now while you are thinking of becoming a DBA. 

Note:- The knowledge of different Operating Systems not only help you in case of DBA, but it also helps you understand the platform dependency on the deeper level. This might make you a better DBA than others.

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