Friday 24 April 2015

Why DBA's are so important? Importance of DBA With an Example

Importance of DBA with an Example - What will be the scope of Servers without a DBA?

The job of a DBA is quite different and interesting but requires a lot of knowledge and skills to be performed. DBA holds the power to manage the complete database which contains important information regarding any company, person or it can be something else. But the main motive is to protect that information and keep it safe and secure.

Different types of information requires different types of managerial actions. For example, let's take an example of Facebook. We all what we do on Facebook, but that's all about front end. At the back end, what happens is surprising. 

Have you ever wondered that how many users use Facebook per day, or per hour, or per minute, or per second ???

That's not all...

Have you ever wondered that how many users share their posts, upload their images/videos, chat with a person or use various applications provided by FB on the daily basis?

Now let's open up your mind a little bit...

Now suppose 2 Million people are online on Facebook at this time and doing all the stuff that they can do including sharing posts and uploading stuff. Where does all this data go? The answer is simple - a database. Now let's get back to few years back when all of us registered on Facebook and created our profile on it. From that time to this time, how much data we have uploaded on Facebook.

Note:- Everything you post on Facebook is stored in the databases. Even your chats records are also stored there. For more deep clarity, your complete internet is based upon databases. Every single website and its data is stored in a database. A database is a store which holds all your data. So if there is no database, then there will be no internet. As simple as it is.

Now back again to our topic once more...

You cannot count your own data that you have uploaded over internet or we can say databases. Again think how many people use Facebook and how much data they have uploaded or they are uploading right now or they will be uploading in the upcoming future? 

Till now I haven't talked about the working of DBA in all this scenario. So now let me give you some hint of what DBA actually performs. See, this is only the example of Facebook. There are different types of database servers which are made for different purposes and requires different kind of administration. 

First of all, you must have noticed that you can watch your history that what have you posted over Facebook since the beginning of your FB account creation. It signifies that all of your posted data is secured and that security is provided by a DBA. The most crucial role of a DBA is to protect what's inside the database. 

Still a lot to come.......

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