Wednesday 17 May 2017

ORA-15077 Has a disk HB but no network HB | Oracle RAC

ORA-15077 Has a disk HB but no network HB

While practicing Oracle RAC 2 Node Installation on my local server, I got this error. This is what I had done when I faced this error.

  • Installed a virtual machine with Red Hat 5.8 OS.
  • Prepared prerequisites for Kernel parameters and required RPMs required for Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RDBMS Software Installation.
  • Creating required directories (ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_HOME, GRID_BASE, GRID_HOME), user groups (DBA, OINSTALL, ASMDBA, ASMADMIN etc) and users (GRID, ORACLE).
  • Provided proper permission on the created directories for the created users.
  • Installed required RPMs for configuring Oracle ASM
  • Created DNS round robin algorithm for SCAN LISTENER (To make one Hostname reflect to 3 different IP's which keeps on changing with every new request)
  • Entry made in Hostfile for PUBLIC, PRIVATE, VIRTUAL and SCAN IPs.
  • Added extra HD Storage for ASM Configuration
  • Created ASM Disks and verified the same using scandisks
  • Cloned the Same Virtual Machine to create 2nd node and made necessary modifications like Changing Hostname and Ip

Note:- Please don't consider the above mentioned steps as a guide to Oracle RAC Installation. Just to limit the scope of this article, I am giving an overview that's it.

I used the Cluster Verification Utility to check that all the prerequisites are done correctly or not and it passed. Now it was the time to get started with Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. So I started doing the same on the primary node and after the installation was finished, it asked me to run 2 different scripts with root user on both of the nodes i.e. and

The script and scripts ran successfully on primary node. On secondary node, script ran well. But when I ran script, it got terminated generating the below mentioned error in the logfile,

[    CSSD][2974567312]clssnmvDHBValidateNCopy: node 2, rac2, has a disk HB, but no network HB, DHB has rcfg 313947976, wrtcnt, 61999, LATS 4294390620, lastSeqNo 61999, uniqueness 1451148676, timestamp 1451155165/6168814

It got me confused that why this happened after I had passed all the required prerequisite check. After a little search and RND, I replaced the GRID software setup through which I was installing Clusterware with another copy and the installation was successful this time.

There might be some problem with the software setup, may be it got corrupted or was not copied fully but this was the reason why my installation was failing again and again. So a fresh copy of GRID Setup helped me solve the issue.

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