Monday 30 July 2018

How to Enable or Disable Smart Compose in Gmail?

A Guide to Enable/Disable Gmail's Smart Compose | Auto Compose Feature

Gmail is available with a whole new version and with the capability of a lot of new features. The best of them is the Smart Compose Feature which was specifically mentioned in Google I/O 2018 Conference. Though there were a lot of other new advancements in different technologies they provide but as per to me, GMAIL is something everyone | every professional use on daily basis. And the way Google is upgrading it's technologies/products with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is doing a tremendous job in this particular field.

For now, the Smart Compose is not Automatically Enabled in your Gmail Account since it's still in Testing Mode and once they are assured of it's perfect working, they will surely make it the default. But you can still use it.

Enable the Smart Compose:

Please follow the below mentioned easy steps to get your Smart Compose Enabled:

1) Open Gmail.

2) Open Settings

3) Once Settings is opened, in the General Tab, Scroll down and look for "Enable Experimental Access"

Make sure that "Enable Experimental Access" is enabled and you are all set.

4) Try to Compose a mail this time and the Autocomplete suggestions will start appearing in your mail.

I hope this helps !!

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