Saturday 16 July 2022

Oracle Query to check OS PID from SID

Oracle Query to check OS PID from SID

How to find OS Process ID using Session ID in oracle?

Below query will help you extract the PID on OS using SID. Normally in OS, different processes takes care of different operations and the same goes for Oracle as well. In random scenarios, you could be interested in finding PID for some operation running within database for example, a background job for which you want to track the resource consumption. The below query will help in such scenarios.

Set lines 200
col sid format 99999
col username format a15
col osuser format a15
select a.sid, a.serial#,a.username, a.osuser, b.spid
from v$session a, v$process b
where a.paddr= b.addr
and a.sid='&sid'
order by a.sid;

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