Saturday 15 October 2022

Important Parameters related to DB_BUFFER_CACHE

 Important Parameters related to DB BUFFER CACHE in Oracle Database

What are the parameters related to Oracle Database Buffer Cache? How to modify/tune db buffer cache within Oracle Database?

The below mentioned parameters are useful when you want to configure DB BUFFER CACHE as per your need,

DB_CACHE_ADVICE - Set the value of this parameter to ON in order to enable the Database Advisory w.r.t Database Buffer Cache. Once enabled, you can query V$DB_CACHE_ADVICE to overall statistics which helps you understand the impact when you'll increase/decrease the value of this cache.

DB_CACHE_SIZE - This parameter controls the actual memory allocation to your database buffer cache. It is recommended to enable your advisory first and let Oracle guide you on the optimum value for your database buffer cache.

DB_nK_CACHE_SIZE - Configure this parameter when you are using different tablespaces with different db block sizes. One good example to use this parameter would be for transportable tablespaces.

DB_KEEP_CACHE_SIZE - Keep buffers is a part of DB Buffer Cache. It points to the buffers which are frequently used and hence you always want to keep them upfront for easy access and maximum availability. Use this parameter to control the sizing for the same as per your need.

DB_RECYCLE_CACHE_SIZE - The purpose of the RECYCLE pool is to retain segments that are scanned rarely or are not referenced frequently. Define this parameter accordingly as per your need.

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